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To Protect the Past 16
To Protect the Past
Chapter 16

I am so weak now...
“Deep inside where my power resides, is a chasm of emptiness where my abilities once dwelled. Of all the powers I had, only enough to remain alive now remains. And once that is gone, I shall pass from this world."
“Wha...?” Silver's face was a picture. Golden eyes were wide, hands curled in the air as though to grab something, while his ears stood upright completely still, they did not react to any sound at all. The hedgehog's shock at the words of the guardian had taken him completely off guard.
“What do you mean?” Asked the pink hedgehog. She was in shock herself, but had been able to ask the question they were all thinking.
Slit blue eyes scanned over them all, reluctance clear within how uncomfortable he was. The hybrid shifted from foot to foot, ears flat.
“He's dead.” Spoke young Chris again. The sound of his voice was quiet, but they all clearly heard it from the
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Random Lineart 3: You Can Have My Share... by sephrothlay Random Lineart 3: You Can Have My Share... :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0 Random Lineart 2: Shadow the Hedgehog by sephrothlay Random Lineart 2: Shadow the Hedgehog :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0 Random Lineart 1: Rabbity Thing is Brooding. by sephrothlay Random Lineart 1: Rabbity Thing is Brooding. :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0 Photo of me in my hat. by sephrothlay Photo of me in my hat. :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 1 1
Sacrifice of Humanity Ch 8
x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_
Sacrifice of Humanity
Chapter 8
x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_ x-XSoHX-x_
With the Monkey Team in the abandoned building:
Both groups didn't know how to react. It was strange enough seeing Mandarin looking like part of the monkey team, instead of his usual bandaged self or the modified version that had served under the skeleton king. But it was infinitely stranger to be confronted by a second Antauri. One that looked no different from the original Black monkey who had sacrificed his life in an effort to stop the dark-one worm.
Chiro, who was still transformed, was curled behind the black Antauri growling almost silently at them all. The human turned monkey had a tight grip around that metal hand, while his tail curled around the black monkey's leg.
Green eyes looked back and forth between Gibson, Otto, Nova, Sprx and the Silver Monkey Antauri
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My Inquisitor Lillianna by sephrothlay My Inquisitor Lillianna :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0 Inquisitor Adrian 2 by sephrothlay Inquisitor Adrian 2 :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0 My Inquisitor Adrian by sephrothlay My Inquisitor Adrian :iconsephrothlay:sephrothlay 0 0
To Protect the Past Chapter 15
To Protect the Past
Chapter 15:

I awaken, but I am alone. Where are you?
Meanwhile Elsewhere:
“Mmmmm…” Fingers tensed and curled slightly as purple eyes slid open, blinking at the brightness of the room. Turning her head, an ear flicked as the sensation of pins and needles began to run through the limb.
“What?” The female muttered as she sat up slowly. A purple tail twitched in the air as the sheet covering her fell.
“You are awake.” Spoke a sophisticated voice from across the white walled room.
Turning, the cat spotted a humans figure in the doorway. Tilting her head, purple eyes narrowed in curiosity and caution. “Who are you?”
The human stepped forward, moving into the light from the window on the far wall and revealed their face. It was a female, about 4 foot 3 inches with long brown hair tied back at the base of her neck. Pointed ears poked out of the hair, with the right side pierced with a golde
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The Darkened Past - A Tails Fic - Ch2 *Rewritten*
The darkened past
Chapter 2: Anger
Is Difference bad if you are feared?
----------- **** -----------
Miles stepped backwards. The grinding of rock, loosening and falling down the cliffside seemed to echo loudly, through flattened ears. Twin tails flicked back and forth. Whipping quickly through the air, to keep his balance on the narrow path while also showing his annoyance and hidden fear.
Hands flexed, fingers curling slightly, just enough to swipe out if he needed too. For the tips were sharp, they could cut through paper when the fox decided to move quickly.
“Gonna jump kit?” A voice sneered. Blue eyes slid over to glare at the dark coloured fox, who smirked in response.
Miles glanced back for a second, as his foot slid slightly. For he had reached the edge of the path. Nowhere else to go, except a steep drop. Straight down to the forest below.  
“Maybe we should make the decision for him, eh Boys?” A cackling laugh snapped his atte
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...for taking so long to post a new update here on my journal, *winces* I need a smack of the wrist and boss man to stand over me and say 'write now!'.

Ok update of my health and stuff.... I'm better than I was. I had fallen back into my depression cycle and had not noticed. I've suffered from it since I was about... 15-16 years old? And its always been a constant battle to keep my head above the water line. There are times I suddenly sink below the waves and a lot of the time I recover myself easily.

But then come the times that I can't fight it. Then I sink down until I hit rock bottom and become trapped in a circle of self loathing and denial that anything is wrong. That is what happens to me.

Thankfully I've learned the signs of when I'm sinking and can take steps to right it, but when it does happen it can take me months to become -normal- again. That is why I vanished without a word for so many months. I had lost interest in doing anything at all, was just sleeping and didn't want to face life (no I don't get suicidal thank goodness. I just loose the will to do anything.)

But I slowly built myself back up again.

Other than that, I'm in good spirit's. Writing to do. Music to listen to. Games to play. All that good stuff. Now my schedule for my writing:

1. I'm currently in the process of doing the next chapter of Sacrifice of Humanity. I got inspiration suddenly and it's finally allowed me to get past my writers block on this fic. I may even finish this thing finally. 2 pages written - another 8+ to do.
2. To Protect the Past. Just uploaded a chapter. Will work on this after I get the next chapter of SoH done. Already have 3+ pages done, so this one is speeding ahead.
3. The rewrite of The Darkened Past is finally taking off again. I'm doing a few paragraphs at a time, so i'm taking my time with it. 5+ pages done.
4. The rewrite of To Protect the Past is also coming along, its taking shape and looks brilliant. You'll really like it. 7+ pages done.
5. Chaos Metamorphose is underway. The Prologue is done and Chapter 1 is in the works now. I'll upload this when I finish one of my other fics. This way I might get a good many chapters done for this before it's up.
  • Listening to: Media Player playlist
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Hedgefox Kitsune
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Name: Hedgefox Kitsune (can call me fox/hedge if you wish to)

Nicknames I have been known by: TheShadeShadow / Sephrothlay

Ethnic Background: British White
Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Ginger or Copper Red Head
Eye Colour: Silvery Blue Grey or a Very Light Blue

Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: Bouncing between 9 & 10 Stone

Health Status: Surviving, Colitis is not playing nice with me again.
Mental Status: Bouncing with joy ^_^

Food of February: Choc Chip Muffin
Drink of February: Tea with milk and sugar.

Sonic Character I would like to look like? A Fox & hedgehog crossbreed (doesn't make sense I know)


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I was wondering if you would wouldn't care if someone used MS paint to work on one or so of the SRMTHFG bases you have. Despite what their saved as.

You see, I've been wanting to use maybe one or two. But I noticed they get messed up in paint because of being saved as something other then png. But I am willing to go through and do what I can to make it look alright, fill whatever is needed, ect. MS paint is all I ever could use, as I understand it pretty well. I just can't get photoshop, and it's hard for me to understand any other program.

I just wondered if doing so would bother you.
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